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Doggy Few @ Humberto Tan's ‘The Big Music Quiz’ (RTL4)

A great weekend starts with 'The Big Music Quiz', airing September 8, 21.30 at the Dutch network RTL 4. A fun quiz for all music lovers, with great old and new hits. Presented by Humberto Tan, eight VIPs battle each other for their music knowledge in a team and individually. And the Doggy Few was invited onto the show! If you want to know why, stay tuned!




28-08-2017: Doggy Few goes TV-land!

Why did The Dogs go down to "Big TV-land"? And, more importantely, what did they do there? Youngest and oldest bandmembers Luke and Liz know the answer... Do you? :-)




The Dogs went down to Endemol studios yesterday for RTL4's Big Music Quiz. If you'd like to know what we did there exactly, we invite you to watch RTL4's new quiz starting Friday 8th september!  

For now: thank you EndemolShine Nederland crew (and cast) for having looked after us so well, for the best working environment and for a wonderful day!! Thank you, Amy!




07-2017: The  Doggy Few  go back to Rockcafé Spider in Balk

Do you remember the last time we played in café Spider? It was epic. So we sure do! And we can't wait to return to this energetic Rockcafé on Friday 1st September. See you there?  Peter, Ietsje, Erik and Lucas will turn the pub into a cozy Irish night!




07-2017: Coming soon: THE DOGGY FEW IRISH BEER NIGHT!!

This fall we will continue to do what we are good at: making fun and music! Keep an eye on this page for more news about our very brand new beer tasting nights ... Irish special beers, dance, and of course very music ...





03-2017, Lucas is writing songs!

He still hasn’t told us what he had for Christmas. But whatever it was, it gave him superpowers. Because Lucas has suddenly started writing his own folky songs. And there ain’t no stopping him! There’s already 12 songs and counting. He is keeping the band very busy building new repertoire and supplying backing vocals or tunes to new lyrics. So far so good: the few songs that we have already played to the public have been approved. Especially Lucas his “50 shades of whiskey”, one that gets stuck in your head - mind you! 


We thought it would be nice to show you what the new repertoire is all about. So we decided to put Lucas his lyrics into a Wordcloud. This is a visual representation of the 40 words used most. This Wordcloud includes his recently adapted lyrics of “7 drunken nights” (yes, it’s going to be on the setlist after many request!). And the bigger the word, the more Lucas wrote it down.


So what does it tell us. Firstly, there seem to be some hidden messages in there. But we’ll leave you to ponder over them. Because secondly, we ask you this: does this Wordcloud not represent his taste for songs perfectly? He always tells us there are only two themes he likes singing about best. Yes, you guessed right: women and most of all, a certain yellow liquid. Well, he hasn’t lost his taste for those yet! 




02-2017, Site's multilingual!

Hi guys, we're back from a little winterbreak in December/January and preparing for the gigs of 2017. One of the things we really needed to work on was the site. So here it is: multilingual! For the moment we are working on the English, German an Frisian section, but we hope to fill in the existing gaps soon! This mean we will switch to English in the news section of the website, so everyone can read. :)




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