We are The Doggy Few !!!

Meet The Doggy Few

We are an enthusiastic Irish party band that brings everything you need for a fun-filled day, afternoon, or evening full of Irish (and Scottish) music! What sets us apart is our modern approach to traditional Irish tunes combined with familiar songs in a new, lively style, authentic pub sound, and above all, our passion on stage! Our band consists of friends who love playing Irish music, and that is always evident in our performances.

Our Music
We play lively dance music, such as jigs and reels, and we love to sing fun and sometimes raucous songs about drinking, more drinking, work, women, unfaithful men, and war. We also mix in a few poignant ballads about war, drinking, goodbyes and reunions, and other concerns of love. Our repertoire includes self-written songs, traditional tunes, and works popularized by Pogues, Dubliners, Clancys, and Planxty. We enjoy putting a new, modern, and musical twist on all the well-known Irish pub songs, as well as offering plenty of our own fun arrangements.

An Irish Wedding
For over 20 years, we have helped make weddings unforgettable! We have extensive experience with both large and small weddings, and we often perform as a duo or trio at receptions, providing lovely and appropriate music for the ceremony. We can also offer a fun and active dance workshop for the bride, groom, family, and guests. Looking for a lively, cheerful band for your party with Irish dance music and popular Irish songs? We are happy to oblige! The Doggy Few always work with you to plan your wedding and ensure that we meet your needs. With a thorough pre-show consultation and discussion, we always bring the most suitable (own) sound equipment for your location and occasion, providing you with a perfect, worry-free package.

Where We Play
We play everywhere! We have the perfect configuration for every occasion, ranging from a duo with vocals, guitar, and accordion, flute, or violin (for a peaceful and pleasant background performance) at a reception or cocktail party, to a corporate event or complete festival act featuring a 3- to 6-piece band, with or without Irish dancers and/or an Irish dance workshop (a ceilidh or ceili). We are flexible, lively, and always attentive to your wishes!